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House Rules



In order to maintain a fun, safe, and distraction-free environment,
guests of the Midway Drive-In agree to obey the following rules:


  • No cash refunds. If the first movie of the evening is cancelled due to mechanical reasons, passes will be issued.
  • The image on the screen cannot be recorded in any manner (video recorder, digital camcorder, cell phone, etc.). Recording ANY portion of any part of any film constitutes film piracy.
  • The exit is to the right of the screen. If you leave the Drive-In, you must repay to re-enter.
  • Keep your ticket stub with you at all times. Do not throw them away.
  • The Speed limit is 5 MPH.
  • If you have any issues or concerns during the evening, please see us in the Concession Building, inform a security person, or use your cell phone to call us. Do not approach the Box-Office on foot.
  • Maintain a distraction-free environment for your fellow movie-goers. Do not raise your voices, radios, or make noises loud enough to disturb you fellow guests.
  • Please insure that your car lights (interior and exterior) are off.
  • The first three rows are for cars only. SUV’s, Trucks and Vans may park in rows four and back.
  • Parking is between the posts facing the screen. If you wish to reverse park facing the screen and watch the film from your rear hatch back, do not raise your lift back or door higher than the vehicle clearance. Do not park your vehicle sideways.
  • Anyone who attempts to enter the theatre without paying will be arrested. If you see anyone entering the theatre without paying, please inform us. If we apprehend them, you will receive a free pass to the Midway.
  • Shirts and Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No running. Please accompany your children when they leave the car.
  • Do not EVER sound your horn. Do not EVER flash your lights or point a light of any type at the screen.
  • Do not leave your vehicle engine running. CARBON MONOXIDE IS POISON!
  • You may not cook or grill food on the premises.
  • No Dogs.

Thank you!


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