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Q. Can we bring outside food or drinks with us onto the Midway Drive-In grounds?

A. No. Like any indoor theatre or restaurant, no outside food or drinks are permitted. Please visit our Midway Diner for all your dining and snacking needs. Click here to see the menu of the delicious food, drinks, and snacks we serve at the Midway Diner.

Q. Why can’t we bring in outside food or drinks?

A. The majority of the ticket price you pay goes to the movie studios. Like restaurants, we depend on food and drink sales to stay in business.

The Midway Diner (located in the Concession building) has a great selection of snacks, meals, and drinks for your dining and snacking pleasure.

Q. What type of oils do you fry your food in?

A. We use zero trans fat oil for frying and coconut oil for popping our delicious and unbeatable popcorn.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. We are open rain or shine. The movie will run rain or shine.




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